Thursday, November 02, 2006

Dialing for Democrats

I've been doing phone banking for the Democrats at the local office this week. I've only been calling other Democrats, so it's been pretty pleasant when I get someone on the phone. Today, Claire McCaskill stopped by to rally the troops. Here are some photos I took of the event.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Where's Osama?

The DNC has a great new video detailing George Bush's sudden new concern with Osama bin Laden. Check it out.

I Flip Off George Bush

I meant to post this Friday, but I didn't get to it. On my way home Friday afternoon, traffic seemd heavier than normal, a traffic report mentioned that some roads were closed for "a Presidential motorcade". George Bush, here? I hadn't heard anything. In any event, the road closed was in the opposite direction that I travel, so I wasn't concerned that it was going to hold me up.

As I get on the Interstate I see where the road's been closed because there are no cars on a usually heavily trafficked stretch of highway. It's just on the other side of the highway divider. Shortly thereafter, I see a number of police motorcycles coming down the closed road. Is he coming now? Then there are some police cars. He is coming! I get an idea and roll down my window. There are some more security vehicles. I stick my left arm out the window. I see the limo coming. I raise my hand and give George my best middle finger as his limo passes.

Did he see it? Probably not, but I gotta tell you, it sure felt good to do. I called my mom and we both had a big laugh. I only wish I could have taken a picture.

Monday, April 03, 2006


The defense of the Chicago White Sox' World Championship (giggle) began last night with a 10-4 drubbing of the division rival Cleveland Indians. Unfortunately, the celebration was marred by a three hour rain delay in the middle of the fourth inning, that kept the game from ending until 1am.

The newcomers were the stars of the game. Brian Anderson went 2 for 3 with 2 RBIs and two runs scored, Jim Thome blasted a monster 431 ft homer, and most surprising to me, Matt Thornton didn't suck, pitching the last four outs while only giving up one hit. Brandon McCarthy pitched 3 perfect innings to pick up the win.

I can't wait for Friday, when the Champs (giggle) come to KC!

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Something Pretty Cool Happened to Me Today

Something pretty nifty happened to me today, and since no one I know would appreciate it, I thought I would share it with you, the faceless Internet.

I enjoy listening to Harry Shearer's le Show. During last week's show Harry badly mispronounced White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen's name during his "Apologies of the Week" segment. As a Sox fan I decided I couldn't let this slide and I sent him the following email:


On the most recent episode you mispronounced the name of the Chicago White Sox manager. It is pronounced ghee-YEN, not gwillen.

I'm sure you regret the error.

I enjoy the show,

I was both surprised and delighted to get a reply the same day.

I do, and thanks.

I figured that was the end of it as I assumed that he must have received a lot of mail about it. Well, I must be the only Sox fan who listens to the show as I was even more surprised to hear Harry paraphrase my email at the beginning of this week's show when apologized again for the mispronunciation. I got a big kick out of that.

Thanks for listening.

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