Monday, November 15, 2004

The CIA is NOT a Political Agency

At least it's not supposed to be. According to Newsday, the White House has ordered the new CIA director, Porter Goss, to purge the agency of officers suspected of being disloyal to the Administration.

"The agency is being purged on instructions from the White House," said a former senior CIA official who maintains close ties to both the agency and to the White House. "Goss was given instructions ... to get rid of those soft leakers and liberal Democrats. The CIA is looked on by the White House as a hotbed of liberals and people who have been obstructing the president's agenda."
People were concerned about Goss' nomination as CIA director, because it was thought that he would be too political, and that concern is turning out to be correct.

The CIA's job is to provide accurate intelligence to the President. It's not supposed to be a rubber stamp for the Administration's policies. If the CIA is filled with yes-men who do whatever Bush wants, I fear for the safety of this country.


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