Sunday, November 07, 2004

Hello World!

This is my initial post. My purpose in creating this blog was to share the underreported stories that I find and my thoughts about them. I expect most of them to be political, but I also hope to share what I'm reading or watching. If you're really lucky I might tell you something about myself. So, without further ado...

Georgia man commits suicide at Ground Zero
New York, NY, Nov. 7 (UPI) -- A Georgia man fatally shot himself at Ground Zero in New York, in what was believed to be a protest against President Bush's reelection and the war in Iraq.

After the elections, I started thinking about strting a blog, and this was the story that finally got me to do it. Probably because I can identify with the man's feelings. Before the election, the thought of a Bush victory was inconceivable to me, but afterwards I took some comfort in the fact that I had done all I could to help the Democrats win. I was out knocking on doors until 6pm on Election Day trying shake loose a few more votes. While I fully expect Bush's second term to be worse than his first, people of good conscience can't lose hope.

It's late. More tomorrow?


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