Thursday, November 18, 2004

Indecent or Racist?

I only heard about the flap over the Monday Night Football intro yesterday so after viewing the clip, I was at a loss to understand what the fuss was about. You certainly couldn't see anything.

Then the good folks over at Cinemocracy clued me in. It wasn't sex that was the problem, it was race.

Since Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction, the FCC has taken it upon itself to be the primary protector of America’s “moral values.” They “protect” us from everything they deem indecent or profane. If the FCC finds this not-very-salacious but disturbing-to-some-white-people film clip worthy of a fine, then it will only serve to justify archaic racial prejudices.
I, too thought we were past this kind of thing. For crying out loud, it was nearly 40 years ago that Captain Kirk kissed Uhura on Star Trek (I feel old), and people still have a problem with this? Get over it, attractive people come in all colors, a fact for which I will be eternally grateful.


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