Monday, October 10, 2005

Marte Makes LCS Roster

Despite his poor performance on Friday, Ozzie has decided to keep Damaso Marte on the roster for the LCS.

''I had a meeting with Marte before I made that decision,'' Guillen said. ''We need this kid. I talked to him, and he says he's fine. The thing is, that's the only player on my roster that I worry about.

I can see why Ozzie would want to have him on the roster, but what's the point, if he can't actually use him. Ozzie has said previously that he can't use Marte at home becuase of the reaction from the fans. After Friday's performance he should be afraid to use him at all, because he can't get anyone out. So what good is he? Better to keep Brandon McCarthy, who has had success, even out of the bullpen.

I can't claim to understand all of Ozzie's moves, but I guess I have to give him the benefit of the doubt until one of them backfires. I just hope that should it happen, it won't be too costly. One can't hope for miracles in every game.


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