Monday, October 17, 2005

Seven Down Four to Go

Now that I've calmed down and sobered up a bit, here's my thoughts on last night's game.

Joe Crede was the star of the game. His homer off Kelvim Escobar in th 7th tied the game at 3 and his 8th inning single put us ahead 4-3.

At the time I thought José Contreras was losing it,and I was screaming for Ozzie to bring in Jenks starting in the 8th. Thankfully, Francisco Rodriguez melted down and we scored two more in the top of the 9th. Contreras was able set down the Angels in order in the bottom of the 9th to clinch (I still can't believe I'm writing this) the White Sox' first trip to the World Series in 46 years.

The bottom of the 9th was an incredible experience for me. I stood up and put my hands on top of my head, shouting for each strike jumping up and down for the first two outs. Hyperventilating the whole time. When Konerko tagged first for the fianl out I started screaming and shouting for all I was worth bouncing around the room, knocking down anything in my path. I then proceeded to drink three beers in a row while watching the celebrations and interviews on TV and got very drunk (for me). I also found myself dancing involuntarily, smething I continued to do well into this afternoon. I find myself smiling and giggling a lot.

I was thinking to myself today that I was fully prepared to go the rest of my life without seeing this happen. Maybe they'd tease me every now and then with a playoff appearance, but I never thought they could actually do what they've done, advance to the World Series. If these guys can seal the deal and win it all I don't know what I'm going to do. I hope to find out.

Go Sox!


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